Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Biblical Lesson On Health Care

I consider the modern health care system to be one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated against humanity however the scurrilous behavior of doctors today appears to have existed even back in biblical times. Mark 5:25 relates the story of a woman who for twelve years had been under the care of many different doctors who had taken all of her money while only making her condition worse.

“And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse.”

How many people today are just like this poor woman? They suffer for years under the high priced treatment of doctors yet instead of getting better they get worse while spending all their money on nothing. What I don’t understand is how few people want to admit this reality of modern health care when the truth is so blatantly obvious. Where are the ministers and church leaders who should be speaking out about this fraud? People are suffering and being robbed of everything they own yet they say nothing critical against the main perpetrators of this crime against humanity. I think it is time that they along with everyone else take to heart the message of this biblical lesson on health care that is just as true today as it was when Jesus lived on earth.

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