Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Weight Loss Book

#1 Book for Weight Loss

Why Is America So FAT? is the title of my first book as well as a serious question that I answered in a way that shocked a lot of people when this book was first published. As with all of my writing, this book is primarily about freedom and in particular the freedom to care for our own bodies which is supposed to be guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence and the other founding documents of our nation. What shocked so many people about the content of this book, in addition to me writing a book about weight loss in the first place, is my whole argument that the health care system and the government want people to be fat because they thrive off of the exorbitant profits derived from the health problems created by people being overweight and unhealthy. Unfortunately, I now realize that this book was way ahead of it’s time as Americans still do no believe that their leaders are so corrupt that they would intentionally destroy their fellow human beings health to line their own pockets. The proof of this is the fact that America has only become fatter and unhealthier since I wrote this book and will continue along the same tragic path until people wake up to the kind of truth about their corrupt government and health care system that I document in this book.
Google Books Preview for Why Is America So FAT?


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