Thursday, March 8, 2012

America Continues to Get Fatter!

It comes as no big surprise to me that recent obesity statistics show that Americans continue to get fatter. In 2004 I documented in my book Why Is America So FAT? how the government and health care companies want more people to be overweight because of all the MONEY that is made from people being overweight. Here we are eight years later and the current statistics show that a third (35.7%) of American adults are now considered obese. This is an increase of about 5% since 2004 which means another 15 million Americans are obese and subject to the myriad of health problems that come with obesity. Of course this is exactly what the government and the health care companies want so that they can make more money. Just multiply 15 million times the several millions dollars it is conservatively estimated that obesity adds to an individuals health care costs during their lifetime and you will see that this increase of 5% translates into at least another 30 trillion dollars in health care costs. MONEY is the true reason for the obesity epidemic in America. Anyone saying otherwise is either a fool or part of the scam.


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  3. Stats really state the truth and obesity for Americans are rising and still continuing. It's best to let them introduce the use of dietary food and the food pyramid.