Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking Steroids to Build Muscle and/or Lose Body Fat is a Big Mistake!

I was just recently talking with a good friend of mine who is the strength coach for one of the top collegiate programs in the nation about my theory that steroid use causes an altering of the body’s biochemistry that ultimately makes losing fat much harder once people discontinue using steroids. Unfortunately there is no research on this and I doubt there will ever be any for various political reasons but I have seen this problem in so many former steroid users that I am pretty much convinced that this is the case. The lesson therefore is that unless you want to struggle for the rest of your life to lose fat once you have quit using the steroids then you better stay away from this performance enhancing drug altogether. Way back in 2000 I wrote an article to try to keep people from using steroids because of some of the other more dire consequences of this type of drugs. The following is a true story about a friend I used to know.

Death in a Bottle: One Man’s Story About the Use & Abuse of Steroids

During everyone’s lifetime there will arise important decisions that will drastically impact the future course of their life. For young men and women involved in sports that require strength and power a very important decision that must be made is whether or not to use anabolic steroids. Much has been said both pro and con about this issue. It is true that steroids can promote very rapid increases in strength and power in the short term. It is equally true that the majority of users will suffer some pretty dire consequences as a result of their use of anabolic steroids. What follows is a true story about a young man I used to know whose life was fatally altered by his decision to use steroids. Read the Read of This Story Here

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do You Need a Weight Loss Tip?

There is a new feature available on the internet that provides a different weight loss tip every day and these are REAL tips about how to successfully lose weight not just the usual crap about better diet and more exercise that your normally find online.  What really impresses me is that they even include tips related to the political factors affecting weight loss like those I discussed in my book Why Is America So FAT?  They also  link over to my website where people can learn more of "The Truth" about weight loss.  You can find the tips in a box on the home page of similar to the box below:

Read More of this weight loss tip . .
If you visit you can even find instructions for placing a box like this on your own website or blog that will give a different tip each day that you can share with your friends.  This is a tremendous resource so lets get the word out about it and help people to really lose weight and live healthy!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prescription Medication will Make you Fat!

When Why Is America So FAT? was first published one of the issues discussed in the book that really shocked people was the fact that many of the most commonly prescribed medications cause weight gain and keep people from achieving weight loss. Even today many people are still unaware of this side effect of prescription meds so it has been a pleasant surprise to finally start seeing some mainstream news reports covering the same issue. The video below contains a recent report broadcast by CBS News.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

America Continues to Get Fatter!

It comes as no big surprise to me that recent obesity statistics show that Americans continue to get fatter. In 2004 I documented in my book Why Is America So FAT? how the government and health care companies want more people to be overweight because of all the MONEY that is made from people being overweight. Here we are eight years later and the current statistics show that a third (35.7%) of American adults are now considered obese. This is an increase of about 5% since 2004 which means another 15 million Americans are obese and subject to the myriad of health problems that come with obesity. Of course this is exactly what the government and the health care companies want so that they can make more money. Just multiply 15 million times the several millions dollars it is conservatively estimated that obesity adds to an individuals health care costs during their lifetime and you will see that this increase of 5% translates into at least another 30 trillion dollars in health care costs. MONEY is the true reason for the obesity epidemic in America. Anyone saying otherwise is either a fool or part of the scam.